Hocking Athens Perry Community Action

Glouster, OH


The early 1960s was a time of economic growth and prosperity for most Americans. However, amidst this economic prosperity lay pockets of deep poverty, most notably in the Appalachian region and the urban ghettos.

Community Action Agencies were founded on the idea that local citizens were the most knowledgeable and best equipped to address problems of poverty in their communities, Community Action gave previously powerless people the means to work toward their own self-sufficiency.

For more than 50 years HAPCAP has been dedicated to alleviating the effects of poverty in our communities through administering new and innovative programs and creating opportunities for our neighbors.

HAPCAP is one of 50 Community Action Agencies in Ohio and is proud to be a part of Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development (COAD).   We are a private, non-profit, community-based organization serving Southeast Ohio.

Over the years we have expanded to include six Head Start centers, three Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) offices, a Housing office and the Regional Food Center.

As we continue working beyond our half-century mark we will continue to dedicate ourselves to Southeast Ohio, to becoming the voice of community members and to enabling self-sufficiency and an improved quality of life for everyone.

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Hocking Athens Perry Community Action
3 Cardaras Drive, Glouster, OH